The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston encourages reporting to civil authorities first and foremost if a crime has been committed. We also encourage utilizing to report. If you have reason to believe that a bishop has engaged in sexual misconduct or has interfered with an investigation into sexual misconduct, please contact civil authorities in the applicable jurisdiction and visit

Volunteering at Parishes, Schools, and Offices of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Keeping the Vulnerable Safe

All individuals, who wish to volunteer (parishioners and non-parishioners) for any activity in which children could be present at our Church, must become compliant with the requirements of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston “Policy Relating to Sexual Abuse of Children” before they can donate their time.  Compliance requires:

  • completion of an online awareness module or in-person training class,
  • an electronic background check (must be renewed every three (3) years), and
  • acknowledgment of receiving the Diocesan Policy and related support documents, including the reporting requirements specified by the State of West Virginia.

All components can be completed online through the website,, by registering and then by following the prompts on the site.  All documents, resources, and guides referenced for completing the process can be found on the Diocesan website,  Additional assistance can be obtained from the Local Safe Environment Coordinator, currently, Jim Hoffman. ( 304-942-6563 or to the Office of Safe Environment in Wheeling (304)233-0880 (Sharon Gaudy or Dee Dean).