Who We Are

St. Peter Claver Parish represents a multicultural worshiping people committed to living their faith through the inspiration of the love of Christ for His Church. Our parish community welcomes you as Jesus would, with great joy, with fellowship, and with an invitation to join us in our mission.

In February of 1937 the first Mass was celebrated at St. Peter Claver Mission to give African American Catholics in Huntington a place to worship and feel welcomed. That welcoming spirit attracted many converts to the Catholic Faith.

In September of 1938 a school opened under the direction of the Pallottine Missionary Sisters. Its purpose was to meet the needs of the black community in a segregated city. Segregation in the schools became illegal in 1954 but it took years to enforce this law. Finally, in 1965, the little school in Huntington was no longer needed. The students were transferred to other parochial schools in the city.

The current church was built in 1981 is the embodiment of years of commitment by members of the St Peter Claver family. The church continues to thrive today.

As the People of God we strive to meet the needs of the Parish Community as well as the greater Christian Community by reaching out to the poor, the abused and the spiritually needy with our actions before our words.

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