Liturgy Committee

According to Vatican II, the Liturgy is the celebration of the entire Church. The celebrant is the entire community fully participating and sent on a mission at the end of Mass to carry Christ and His message to the world (our families, neighborhoods, and workplaces).

The Church uses a Liturgical Calendar that takes us through the year celebrating Advent, the Christmas season, the Lenten Journey, the Easter Season, and finally Ordinary Time. Through this Calendar, the Liturgy helps the community to enter into the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus. The Liturgy Committee lays the foundation to enable this to happen week after week through the whole Liturgical year.

Our work as a committee under our pastor’s leadership is to create a beautiful environment that supports each season of the Liturgical Year as well as develop ways that the parish community can live out the themes of each Liturgical season in their own lives.

We train all ministers (Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers, Ministers of Hospitality, altar servers). The Music Ministry adds to our Sunday celebrations by planning, practicing, and leading our congregation in “making a joyful noise unto the Lord”. When we gather for Sunday Mass all the necessary preparations are ready for the community to gather together to worship: Altar linens, Bread and wine, Flowers, Banners, Ushers, Hospitality, Altar Servers, Lector, Eucharistic Ministers, Music Ministers, Coffee, and Donuts. We also plan for special celebrations throughout the year: e.g., our Feast Day. For further information contact: Eileen Chwalibog

For more information contact Eileen Chwalibog.