Finance Council

The Finance Council aids the pastor in the administration of the parish goods.

The role of the Finance Council is to assist the pastor by:

  1. In preparing a budget for parish income and expenses for the coming year, and in monitoring the budget during the year. The budget should be coordinated with objectives set by the pastor and Pastoral Council.
  2. In the balancing books monthly via the Diocesan-approved method.
  3. In preparation for financial reports to be sent to the Diocesan Finance Office and Diocesan Bishop.
  4. In preserving financial records according to Diocesan guidelines. These are not private records but are the property of the Diocese, for which the Diocesan Bishop has final authority.
  5. In presenting parishioners with at least an annual report of the financial state of the parish.
  6. In coordinating all fundraising programs for the parish, making recommendations for improving income, and meeting Diocesan assessments and appeals.
  7. In inspecting all parish properties to see that they remain in proper repair and in recommending the purchase or sale of property while observing Diocesan regulations regarding the same.
  8. In reviewing parish employees, assuring them of equitable pay, observing all government regulations regarding withholdings and social security, and considering Diocesan pension plans, etc.
  9. In educating parishioners on stewardship.
  10. All that pertains to the parish’s financial and physical condition. (A subcommittee or an individual not on the Parish Finance Council may deal with a specific area or item.)

You may contact a Finance Council Member by e-mail to: Jim Hoffman (