Registered parishioners can access directory information on line. Just sign in to set up your account, then you can access it from your computer, phone or iPad.

To set up your account for Peter Claver Parish Online Directory for Registered Parishioners follow the directiions below.  CLICK HERE to download a pdf of the instructions.

Create your temporary password

  1. CLICK HERE to create a user name and password..   Please note, for security purposes registration and then approval of your registration is required.
  2. If using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, choose “New User”. If using Safari, choose “Register”.
  3. Click on the “Organization” box and choose “St Peter Claver Parish, Huntington.”
  4. Enter the user name that you would like to use. (You might want to write this down somewhere.) You will be told whether or not it is available; if not, choose a different user name.
  5. Enter your name, address, etc., in the Personal Information section.
  6. Submit the form.
  7. Within 1-3 days you will receive an email confirming your user name and supplying your temporary password.

Set up your account

  1. Follow the link in the email, or click on this link:
  2. Log in to the ConnectNow site with your temporary password.
  3. Create your permanent password. (Store this in your device or write it down somewhere safe.)
  4. Log in to ConnectNow and view the “Pictorial Directory” for St. Peter Claver Parish.

**You can create a link to ConnectNow on your device(s) for direct access to the site.

**From your smartphone, you can place a telephone call by tapping the phone icon on the directory list.

To send an email, tap the email icon